Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
who does not Change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Where mystery & romance collide with and even Bigger Faith…


Trapped in Yosemite, BUY IT NOW

My Review: I knew I was in for a treat the second I glanced at the gorgeous cover for Trapped In Yosemite by Dana Mentink. Action and suspense propel the story forward from the very first page. Moreover, I love the character development for Stella and Von. And they show that regardless of age, we […]

A Deadly Countdown

My review: Fatal Domain by Steven James is the second installment in the Travis Brock Thriller series. I commend James for his writing style, diverse, edgy and sometimes poetic. He climbed into the minds of his characters and made them realistic. From Travis, the redactor, to Turo, a man born in a criminal world. I […]

Book Review: Undercover Colorado Conspiracy

Book Review Undercover Colorado Conspiracy is the first story I’ve read by Jodie Bailey. Although I’ve read quite a few Love Inspired novels, this was the best one. Thalia and Phillip have a role reversal going on. She’s the tough girl and he’s a guy in touch with his feelings. That aspect provided a unique […]

Dangerous Texas Hideout

Dangerous Texas Hideout was my introduction to Virginia Vaughn. I liked the twist that came from the ending. In addition, I appreciated all that Penny went through to keep her daughter safe. Little Missy stole the show. From her response to her mom pulling out backpacks to leave again, to the cry-for-help picture she shared […]

This book will make you do a Double Take

Double Take begins at the top of a rollercoaster. Or so I thought. Lynette Eason kept ramping the tension. The twists and turns made for a wild ride. Poor Lainie got blindsided by her fiancé. The unique combination of her childhood and James’ upbringing presented additional obstacles that only faith in God could overcome. Despite […]

Gotta love your sisters!

The novel Dysfunction Junction by Robin W. Pearson runs deep with matters of the heart. I appreciate the interweaving of comedic relief, whether from Annabelle’s “church dream” or Frankie and Charlie’s sarcasm. Pearson brought faith into the scenes, which must have come from the Holy Spirit. Last, the past chained all three sisters to tragedy […]

One of the Best Movie of 2023

This is the first time I’ve reviewed a movie on my blog, but switching up my style was worth it. The hook: After a tense encounter with a mysterious stranger who has otherworldly powers, a man gets banished to a parallel Earth where he fights to get back to the woman he loves. The stars […]


While the intriguing title, striking cover, and thrilling premise pulled me in enough to begin the story, I’m not the biggest fan of first person point of view, which sprang up after the prologue. Like another reader said, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was reading.  Based on what I’ve read, this story is great […]


I read One Final Target by Janice Cantore and can sum it up with this wording:What a great story.Two cops who’ve been through the fire, one nut job (Ian), a few more police officers with iffy intentions, and the man they are after who just so happened to know how to create bombs made Cantore’s […]

A deadly game at Christmas

The story Twelve Days offered me an outstanding introduction to Christian suspense novelist Heidi Glick. The story takes place at Christmastime, which I love, but the real win is how the main character overcomes his struggling faith. I’ll admit that I hold novellas to a higher standard, as they usually favor action or character development […]