Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
who does not Change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Where mystery & romance collide with and even Bigger Faith…


Now Available: Texas Ranch Cold Case

Texas Ranch Cold Case by Virginia Vaughn is the fourth book in her Cowboy Protector series. Each storyline stands alone, with four cousins and their ranch connecting the stories. I enjoy getting to know Tucker and Ally. In this book, the main characters investigate a cold case from twenty years ago where Ally, the main […]

What We Hide- A New Release

Colleen Coble and Rick Acker’s new book, What We Hide, introduces a fresh setting that differs from Coble’s usual stories (and Acker is a new author to me). I imagined a thrilling story set at Tupelo University, filled with suspenseful scenes and hidden secrets. The introduction of the first person POV character was a clever […]

This Story Will Grip you until the last Page

Truth Be Told brought to mind the powerful narratives a grandmother weaves about the past, holding your attention until she’s done speaking. The story was taken over by Professor Annalee Spain’s voice, leaving me captivated and eager to uncover the identity of the person who poisoned a young black woman, in a time when our […]

Hidden in the Night

Elizabeth Goddard knows how to turn a setting into a villain and has done so with each book of this series, and “Hidden in the Night” is no exception, showing the beauty and danger of Alaska. Ivy is looking for redemption from a past wrong and also has another past relationship to consider with the […]

The Filbert Ridge Miracle- Now Available

It was October 7, 1967. The festival in Filbert Ridge, Oregon, came early, and many wondered if they had followed the usual tradition of celebrating the hazelnut harvest on the second Saturday of October, perhaps things would have gone in a different direction. Instead, town history and the lives of its citizens changed forever. That […]

The Crown Conspiracy- Adventure at it’s best!

The Crown Conspiracy by Connie Mann had the adventure of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but with something many suspense thrillers lack. A female lead. I loved being immersed in such a diverse culture where women were at the helm. The Christian theme brought a thought-provoking element I haven’t seen in many stories of […]


The Garden Girls is the first story I’ve read by Jessica Patch. She knows how to string together the perfect setting for a psychological thriller. Then, she delved into the mind of a creepy, yet charming villain. She did a great job incorporating a hurricane into an already suspenseful, fast driven plot. Lastly, the faith […]

Out For Blood is an adrenaline rush!

My eyes could not scan the action scenes fast enough in Out for Blood by Ryan Steck. The author did an amazing job of creating a wild puzzle, then placed Redd and his enemies into realistic scenarios that ratcheted the suspense. Emotions ran high and egos placed innocent lives in jeopardy. A few scenes almost […]

Trust Never After: Grab it Now!

Máire returns to her shared apartment in Minneapolis to check on her supposedly sick roommate, who has not joined their coworkers from the bank for an all-night get-together. Máire walks in on her fiancé with the roommate. Shattered by her experience in the big city, can a country girl ever trust again? After returning to […]

Never Fall Again… GRAB IT NOW

Never Fall Again was my first taste of by Lynn H. Blackburn’s writing. She is a master at pulling in a diverse set of characters and making you feel for the leads in the story. The story perfectly incorporated Landry’s backstory without weighing down the narrative, but also helped move the plot. I really, really […]