Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
who does not Change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Where mystery & romance collide with and even Bigger Faith…



Eighteen-year-old Harper Ellis has spent the last three years searching for her aunt’s killer, looking for clues, asking questions, gathering every tidbit she can find to explain the unexplainable. She’s talked to anyone who would listen, trying to make them to see they’re all wrong, and she is right.

Aunt Frida’s death wasn’t an accident.

Aunt Frida was murdered.

Of this, Harper is certain.

Tonight, Harper plans prove her theory, and she’s prepared to risk her own life to do it.

My thoughts: I don’t normally read stories that aren’t within the Christian genre, but this story had two cuss words within 240 pages, and I believe they were chosen wisely. Other than that, the story was clean and written on a foundation of hope.

And now for the story …

I truly enjoyed Tangled Little Webs by a new to me author, Cheryl Bradshaw. 

The main character, Georgiana Germaine wasn’t a teen nor a young twenty or even in her thirties. She was a intelligent and mature forty-ish heroine. A masterful detective, gaining trust from those she needed to question. She came alive in the story, not always by the book, but an honorable character that has made me want to read all the stories. This quick read wasn’t without its page-turning red herrings. 

 I love how Gigi handled the estranged dad, and I’m shocked to say I never figured out the bad guy. Her mother’s role in the story was great too. 

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